Hose End Control Valve (HECV) (Obsolete product)

For line mounted applications, these lightweight Hose End Control Valves (HECVs) provide pressure limitation at the outlet to protect the aircraft while refuelling. Several different pressure settings are available to tailor the control system to the customer’s requirements.

Features & Benefits
  • Lightweight
  • Low pressure drop
  • Direct spring acting
  • Three pressure settings available (see Ordering Data for details)
  • Downstream surge pressure control — 75 psi (5.17 bar) max
  • Fail safe design
  • Model 60129-1 replaces older Model 40680 (part number change only)
  • Mechanical blockout device Model 61656 for system test and defueling now available — no connection to fuel pressure required

Contact the Liquip Sales Department for assistance in determining which of the numerous models and options available will best suit your application.


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