Military Aircraft Underwing Refueling Nozzle

The Cla-Val Model 341GF-D3 Nozzle is an “underwing” refueling nozzle for pressure fuel servicing of a wide range of military aircraft and for bottom loading of tank trucks.

The Model 341GF-D3, fitted with the D-3 Swivel Inlet, replaces both the D-1 and D-2 nozzles.

The 341GF-D-3 Nozzle is equipped with a unique inlet assembly that adjusts to connect to adapters located on the fuselage and/or under wing.  By twisting the inlet assembly, it quickly and easily changes from 0° to 45° configurations, or any configuration in between.

Features & Benefits
  • D-3 Swivel Adjusts to Reduce Hose Stress.
  • Lowest Nozzle Pressure Drop.
  • Conforms to SAE-AS5877.
  • Connects to MS24484 Single Point Adapter.
  • All Aluminium and Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Compact Swivel for Easier Aircraft Connections.
  • Safety Interlock with Square Pins.
  • Proper Attachment Required to Open the Nozzle.
  • Convenient Guard Bar Hand Grip.
  • Guard Bar Protects Operating Handle.
Technical Information

Operating Temperature
-40C to +54.4C (-40F to +130F).

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