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Diesel Filtration Vessel Housings

Liquip's fuel filter vessel offerings provide superior performance and reliability, assuring clean, dry diesel fuel, lube oil and fuel oil. Our fuel filter vessels meet the needs of a broad range of applications, including industrial, marine, oil and gas, food and beverage, and chemical processing applications.

The key factors to increase the life of your fuel systems are removal of water and debris from the fuel. Major manufacturers of diesel powered equipment are requiring the fuel to meet an ISO standard of 16/13/11 and in this case, less is better.

Liquip Diesel Filtration products can help you meet these requirements with cost effective solutions for cleaning your diesel fuel supply. Our experience provides a wealth of knowledge in all types of filtration applications. Discover our line of diesel fuel filtration which ensures clean, dry fuel in every step of the way

  • Large Range of flow rates available.
  • Large range of elements can be included to provide different micron filtration ratings to ensure fuel cleanliness levels can be met.
  • Range of construction materials available e.g. Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.
  • Differential pressure gauges can be included as options.
  • Vessels can be supplied to AS120 or ASME standards.
  • Vessels are hydro teste.
  • Range of paint options to custom or international paint specifications.

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