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Portable Filtration Unit

As today’s diesel engines become more advanced, it is critical to keep the diesel fuel supply to the engine as free from debris and water contamination as possible. Poor diesel fuel filtration can cause damage to fuel injectors and fuel pumps and result in engine failures and down-time.

The most common contaminants in fuel are dirt and water. These
contaminants typically come into play during the transportation and storage of the fuel. Water can be introduced when warm moist air condenses on the wall of the tank. Water can reduce lubrication
qualities of the fuel and cause injectors to seize. Water also
provides a medium for the growth of bacteria and fungus. When
present in a fuel system, bacteria/fungus can cause premature
plugging of fuel filters. Solids, such as dirt and sediment, have a
negative effect on injectors causing premature wear and failures.

The key factors to increasing the life of your fuel systems are
removal of water and debris from the fuel. Major manufacturers of
diesel powered equipment are requiring the fuel to meet an ISO
standard of 16/13/11 and in this case, less is better.

Facet Diesel Filtration products can help you meet these
requirements with cost effective solutions for cleaning your diesel
fuel supply. Our experience provides a wealth of knowledge in all
types of filtration applications.

Before use please ensure this product meets correct hazardous zoning requirements for your desired application.

  • For use when no pump or motor are available at site
  • Unit includes fuel nozzle, pump/motor combination and Fuel-Gard® VF-21SB filter housing
  • Standard units operates on 12 VDC (20 gpm);24 VDC and 120 VAC (15 gpm) options available
  • VF-21SB housing contains a single cartridge with simple replacement
  • Low cost design
  • Performance requirements achieved in a single pass
  • Easily transported from one job to the next

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