API710 Series Couplers

The API700 series of couplers is the third generation of Liquip manufactured API couplers, it provides an effortless automatic connection for a safe and environmentally friendly transfer of product from the loading rack to the truck.

API bottom loading dry-break coupler with automatic latching.

  • Unique stainless steel outer collar and new latching mechanism geometry greatly improve service life of coupler
  • Automatic latching mechanism and one touch disconnect ensures effortless operation at all times
  • Precision machined latch spindles ensure superior latch alignment resulting in fewer drips at disconnection
  • Nose seal and inner poppet seals are 2 separate seals therefore high pressure will not extrude inner seal
  • Ergonomic loop and ball handle for ease of operation and comfort
  • Poppet nose seal is replaceable without removing coupler from service
  • Coupler can be disassembled in 2-3 minutes for maintenance
  • Viton B70 seals are fitted as standard, Viton GFLT seals in stock. Seal materials to suit a range of other applications available upon request

Technical Data

  • API710 has 150mm long handle, API712 has 200mm long handle
  • API710VG & API712VG have Viton GFLT seals – recommended for ethanol blends.
  • Separate spindle on latch, with coil spring actuation, for improved smoothness and consistency.
  • Chamfered bore and moulded seal in nose for ease of coupling and drip-free operation.
  • Aluminium bodies, hard anodised for wear resistance.
  • Cast stainless steel collar.
  • High tensile steel shaft.
  • Super-tough die-cast and heat-treated stainless steel locking latches.
  • Viton B70 seals throughout. Viton GFLT available on request.
  • Replaceable bearings at both ends of shaft for support. 
  • Wave washer as main seal.

2500kPa (363 PSI) uncoupled

Testing pressure
1500kPa (218 PSI) uncoupled.

Operating pressure
1000kPa (145 PSI)

Max coupling/uncoupling pressure
550kPa (80 PSI).

Max coupled pressure
2000kPa (290 PSI).

Operating temperature
-20° to +80°C (-4° to +176°F) for Viton B70 seals.
-40° to +60°C (-40° to +140°F) for Viton GFLT seals

9.2kg (20.3lb)

By Industry Standard 100mm (4”) TTMA flange.
8 holes Ø11mm on 149mm PCD, 168 outside diameter (Ø7/16” on 5.8” PCD, 6.6” OD)
Use spring washers when mounting coupler.

Associated Equipment
Liquip ‘Velvet Touch’ Loading Arms.

  • API710 - 100mm Dry Break Coupler, Short Handle
  • API712 - 100mm Dry Break Coupler, Long Handle
  • API710VG - 100mm Dry Break Coupler, Short Handle, Viton GFLT Seals
  • API712VG -100mm Dry Break Coupler, Long Handle, Viton GFLT Seals

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