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Earth Assurance Clamps

Liquip offers earth assurance clamps to ensure the correct grounding of a truck's chassis to eliminate static build up.


  • 8m cable length supplied.
  • Can be supplied with straight cable or self-storing (curly) cable.

Before connecting any other equipment to truck, attach clamp to a suitable grounding point no more than 12.7 mm (1/2") thick.

Clamp body - cast aluminium.
Cable - polyurethane sheathed.
Contacts - cone point grub screws – hardened steel.

1.3kg (clamp and cable).

EAC201: Earth Assurance clamp with 8m straight cable.
EAC202: Earth Assurance clamp with 8m self-storing (curly) cable

RM140D: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Australian market).
RM140E: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Global markets).