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Pressure Fueling Nozzle 64200 (Obsolete product)

Eaton’s Carter product line of ground fueling equipment includes several underwing refueling nozzle models. Building on the success of earlier Carter Model 64348, the lightweight and rugged Model 64200 Pressure Refueling Nozzle is designed to increase durability and decrease maintenance costs. Model 64200 uses the same accessories as the earlier Model 64348 nozzle. All of these accessories now have stainless steel wear rings in swivel ball joints.

The interlock mechanism is internal to the nozzle body, therefore there are no pins to wear aircraft adapter slots. It has no collar or other moving parts on the exterior of the nozzle (with the exception of the operating lever), thereby reducing the need to replace worn components. The handles are made of a very rugged standard composite material and do not include any metal, thereby eliminating potential bending of the handles.

Features & Benefits
  • Connects to 3-lug international standard aircraft adapter
  • Self-adjusting pressure-loaded nose seal. No mechanical adjustments or springs used.
  • Sampling fitting installation is standard
  • Leak-free under extreme side loads, worn adapters and extreme temperatures
  • Low pressure drop
  • Two threaded ports in nozzle body for simultaneous vacuum breaker and product sampling
  • 2, 2½ and 3-inch NPT and BSPP threaded quick disconnect (QD) inlets available
  • Optional 40, 60 & 100-mesh screens retained with snap ring for ease of removal
  • 35 psi (2.413 bar), 45 psi (3.103 bar) and 55 psi (3.792) Hose End Control Valves (HECV) available. See catalog sheet TF100-76 for detailed information.
  • Double redundant safety lock on/easy off QD
  • Easier swiveling under all conditions. Swivel independent of QD.
  • Choice of ball valve or dry break disconnect for easy strainer inspection available

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