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Road Tanker Rentals

Add to your fleet or cover a shortfall with a Road Tanker Rental from Liquip Victoria

Here at Liquip Victoria we have been servicing, repairing and installing loading and dispensing systems on road tankers for decades. It's why we are Melbourne's specialist in this field. Based on our 'solution focused, service driven' philosophy and customer feedback we thought it was about time we invested in our our very own fleet of tanker trailers. This decision offers direct advantage to those who fall into a number of categories when it comes to petroleum, chemical and bulk liquid transfers.
These include:
> Substituting out a tanker, so it can then be updated, overhauled, serviced or repaired.
> Ability to add to a fleet and support business growth or a contract obligation
> Trialling tankers to gain insight into modern day dispensing systems and set-ups
> Commencement of a new business or operational expansion than can lower the upfront investment

For us here at Liquip Victoria, this new part of our operation, also allows us to innovate and experiment with new technologies, Liquip Parts, dispensing and loading systems and help improve our offering and staffs overall industry expertise and knowledge.

What types of road tankers can be rented?

Right now we are in the midst of building our rental fleet and have a number of tankers on the production line. 
Now is the perfect time to get in touch with us to secure one of these upcoming tankers or discuss with us your needs for future rentals, allowing us to plan ahead with your ideas in mind. We are very cogniscant of ensuring our new rental fleet meets the needs of our customers and supports their way of ideal transfer vehicles.

Current Rental Fleet

Tieman Fuel Shifter: 33,000 L 

Our first rental tanker off the line is a 33,000 L, 5 compartment, tandem axle Tieman 'Fuel Shifter'. The Tieman`Fuel Shifter', with its front of tanker mounted hose reel design is synonymous with ease of use and access. This tanker also includes a Hendrickson smooth ride suspension system and was expertly fitted out with a petrol and diesel SWIFT Delivery Pumping System

For a more detailed information about renting this trailer tanker please contact the Liquip Victoria sales team today.


What are the benefits of a Tanker Rental from Liquip Victoria

The obvious benefits are surrounded by the opportunity to save a great deal of money. Investing in a brand new trailer tanker is expensive, whilst used trailers can come with unforeseen hidden mechanical and body issues. Indeed the return on investment can be recouped in the long term, yet these upfront concerns is what makes a rental so much more attractive and cost-effective.

Liquip Victoria Rental Tankers
Tanker Features

> Enjoy a state-the-art dispensing system. Most rental tankers come fitted with a SWIFT Delivery Pumping System, inclusive of a large digit digital display for easier monitoring and Liquip or OPW parts. 
> Convenience of Pneumatic rewind hose reels for simple hose management
> Tanker top hand rails for added safety and compliance  
> Hendrickson smooth ride suspension system
> Metered hose reels (Bulk and Gravity fed)
> Full terminal bottom loading capability 

Liquip Victoria Road Tanker Rentals
Rental Terms

> Fully maintained and serviced by Liquip Victoria 
> Competitive rental price 
> Choice of Short (1-6 months) or long term rental (+ 6 months) rental contract
> Transfer of Dangerous Goods license included
> SLP and NMI approvals

Real peace mind

Liquip Victoria are experts in Road Tanker servicing, maintenance and repair. A Liquip Victoria Tanker Rental comes with the reputation of being superiorly built and maintained, ready to go the distance and certified to hit the road and  comply with all necessary state legislations and load safety requirements. 


Talk to one of our experts about a Road Tanker Trailer Rental today

You can also download a copy of our Road Tanker Rental Flyer should require a printed or soft copy to keep on reference.

If you require more information about our road tanker rentalservice please contact us today.

Road Tanker Trailer Rentals