Store your fuels more safely in a Fire Rated Tank

Category: Bulk Liquid Storage and Terminal Solutions

Liquip Victoria HOST Fireguard certified 2 and 4 hour Fire Rated tanks are designed and made for safer fuel and chemical storage. These Fire Rated tanks are built to UL 2085 and UL 142 and are ideal for service stations, generator supply and aviation fuels (Jet A-1 and Avgas).

Whilst UL 2085 certification is based on a two hour fire resistance test, we have tested our range of fire rated tanks past four hours of fire resistance. This HOST Fire Rated tank range is available in rectangular or round designs and can  store anywhere from 8000 to 83,000 litres in their standard offerings or more or less in customised solutions. They can also be configured to multiple compartmental, offering more flexibility in their application.

One of the key benefits of these Fire Rated tanks over our standard Self Bunded Tanks is they can halve the separation distance requirements as advised by AS1940-2017 when it come to a tanks location. Plus, Liquip Victoria can supply various pumping packages and Fuel Management Systems with our Fire Rated tank range to manage your fuel assets, making them complete turn key solutions.

Fireguard Fire Rated Tank with pump dispensing system   HOST Fireguard Fire Rated Tanks by Liquip Victoria

To learn more about our Fire Rated Tanks give the Liquip Victoria sales team a call today, who can access and supply pricing and ordering information or take a look at our Fire Rated Tanks product page.