Liquip Victoria takes to the sky

Category: Aviation Refuelling Solutions

The management and many of the staff at Liquip Victoria have extensive aviation experience in both the design and production of aircraft refuelling vehicles; spanning more than 25 years and having built refuelling vehicles for the Australian and U.S. military, global aviation companies and service providers.

This includes many aviation refuelling industry firsts such as:
> the Hydrant Coupler Lifter
> Cordless deadman systems
> In-transit train fuelling systems
> Aviation vehicle two wire PLC control systems
> Integrated digital tank gauging for aviation vehicles
> the Mini Hydrant dispenser

Backed by Liquip International, a leader in quality products and solutions for specialist fluid transfer applications, we are a worldwide partner of this innovative company. Having built its reputation for excellence over 40 years, supplying equipment for the bulk liquid handling and storage industry Liquip now markets across the globe, and is renowned for its comprehensive product range with exceptional whole of life value. Together we offer their products and our design to supply a unique service offering to the the aviation industry.

The management team and staff at Liquip Victoria possess all the background experience necessary to successfully build aviation vehicles to the standard that is demanded for aircraft refuelling operations. If you would like to discuss your requirements further in relation to this field or you’d like to meet or learn more about Liquip Victoria and the Fuelcraft team please contact us or visit our dedicated aviation refuelling solutions webpage to learn more. We're here to help you take to the air.